Apply for the School of Jewish Studies

Guide to completing this application form

Thank you for applying to be a student with us here with YWAM for the School of Jewish Studies.

As this course is designed to train Christians, a general entry requirement is a genuine commitment to Jesus and to your relationship with Him.

Please make sure you read the instructions carefully.

We must receive each of the following items in order for us to process your applications.
All members of one family must each complete a separate application form.

Please answer every question, in all of the sections. If a question does not apply to you,
write N/A on the line.

You will need to check if a visa is necessary for the entire time you are going to be out of your
home country.

Saving Progress (optional)

As this form is made up of multiple pages with several written answers its recommended you register an account with us so that your progress can be saved. Click the button below to create an account or login to continue your previous applicaiton.

Character References

Each applicant must nominate two people to fill out a character reference form about the applicant.

The first person should be your pastor/mentor and the second should be a good friend/YWAM leader.

Click the links below to copy the form url and send them to your nominated referees.