The School of Jewish Studies

About the school

The purpose of the School of Jewish Studies is for equipping YWAMers with tools for relevant ministry among the Jewish people both in Israel and around the world. We also have a passion to have God’s heart for all the Peoples of the Middle East and seek to teach YWAMers how to have a “two eyed vision” (His eyes and heart for all peoples in the Middle East).

Our aim and passion is to raise up long-term workers to go equipped and energised with a passion to serve in the Middle East or to serve with the Jewish World in the nations.

New Zealand, where the school is held, is unique in its opportunities to reach out to young Israeli’s with the Good News of Yeshua their Messiah. Many young Israeli’s travel here after their military service to backpack around New Zealand. We have a unique open door to share with them. Our lecture phase will equip and energize you to reach out to these young Israeli’s during your outreach.

Would you join us, and be equipped, discipled, and set on fire for the Jewish World and the Middle East?

This school will help you to:


  • God’s heart for the Jewish people and the people’s of the Middle East.
  • Your call as a Gentile to provoke the Jewish people. (Romans 11:11)
  • Jewish history since the destruction of the Second Temple.


  • Engage with Israeli backpackers that come to New Zealand after their military service.
  • Engage with fellow believers that don’t have a broad understanding of the Jewish people.
  • Reach out to Jewish and Muslim people in your day to day life.


  • Challenge and grow your relationship with God.
  • Grow into a Hebraic Biblical worldview.
  • Understand the scriptures from this worldview.

Course Outline

Week 1

Why God's Heart for Israel and the Jewish People

Week 2

Covenant: Exploring God's Covenants with Israel and with Us

Week 3

Jewish Festivals

Week 4

Jewish History from the Destruction of the Second Temple

Week 5

Introduction to Modern Hebrew and Jewish Culture

Week 6

Relationship between Gentile Believers and the Jewish people.

Week 7

Jewish Ministry in Israel and the World Today

Week 8

Modern Movement of Messianic Judaism

Week 9

Reaching the Jewish World with their Messiah

Week 10

Reaching the Muslim World with the Good News

Week 11

God's Heart for the Muslim World

Week 12

The Middle East and the Isaiah 19 Highway

After the 12 week lecture phase a 10 week internship will be offered. We will be going to the South Island of New Zealand and will be reaching out to young Israeli backpackers who travel to New Zealand each year.