Why the Jewish People?

Some common questions

Are the Jewish People unreached?

Yes…according to the Joshua Project…look up the statistics. This said, now more than ever, Jewish hearts are open to hearing and receiving Yeshua as their Messiah. Also, check out One For Israel Ministries for multiple testimonies about Jewish People coming to know Yeshua.

Does God still have a plan and a purpose for the Jewish People?

Yes… The calling of the Jewish people is to be light to nations based on scriptures. See Isaiah 42:6, Isaiah 49:6, and Isaiah 60:3. In these days we are living in, God is calling us to understand that He is not finished with the Jewish People, but their acceptance to God (through Yeshua) will mean world revival and life from the dead. See Romans 9-11. We as Gentiles, are called to play a part in this by provoking Israel to know their Messiah. See Romans 9-11.

Is salvation from the Jewish people?

Yes…Jesus was Jewish..his name in Hebrew is Yeshua. In John 4:22 is says that salvation is from the Jewish people. Paul, in Romans 9:15 says to them belongs the patriarchs, and the Messiah etc.

Do the Jewish People need the Good News?

Yes. The Jewish People suffer from grief and broken heart over all the different events that Israel suffers. The best thing we can do for the Jewish people is to give them the Gospel. There is no salvation for any people apart from the Good News.

Are the Jewish people still relevant to Gentile believers today?

Yes. God said he will send Jewish teachers to the end of the earth . They have a special understanding of scriptures that we need as Gentile believers to understand. As Paul said in Romans 11:15, For if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life from the dead?

Why bother understanding God's heart for the Muslim people?

We are all God’s children. The kingdom of Jesus will be created out of all nations and everyone needs to hear the Good News of Jesus. If we lose God’s heart for these people in the midst of learning about the Jewish People, we can end up going down a slippery slope. What does Jesus say to do with our enemies? See Matthew 5:43-48. We challenge everyone with a heart for the Jewish People to get on their knees and pray for God to break your heart for the Muslim People as well.